Oh, Man! You need to cancel? That is too bad, I was really looking forward to spending time with you.

Sometimes life happens and commitments need to be changed. I have experienced this myself and understand the need for some flexibility when an appointment, class or event is booked. While I will do my best to help you in whatever way I can, I also need to set up some guidelines that are clear for both of us in the event that there is a cancellation.

You will see below that there are different policies in place for different types of events. The reason for this is that with some events there are overhead costs or other expenses (i.e. venue fees) that still need to be paid regardless. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. Please send a note to me here, or call (780) 972-9447.





You’ve booked a private appointment with me and you need to cancel. I know that things pop up, work, kids, family, you name it. Please give me as much notice as you can so that I can then rebook the appointment or reschedule my day.


  • $0 – with advance notice. Thanks for the heads up!
  • 1st – no show you get a warning for making me wait.
  • 2nd – no show I charge you my full hourly rate.


  • If you are late for your appointment then you miss out on part of your service and time with me. I respect your time and mine and try to stick to our agreement as much as possible. Sometimes I will extend the appointment if it feels necessary, but will only do so with your permission. I will never cut an appointment short unless there is an ethical or safety concern.



You’ve signed up for a half day, full day or weekend workshop and you need to cancel. I understand that life happens and appreciate as much notice as possible so that I can make adjustments to the class, program or venue.


  • >45 days from event – cancellation with written notice: 100% – full refund of fees
  • 30-44 days from event – cancellation with written notice: 75% – partial refund of fees
  • 29-15 days from event – cancellation with written notice: 50% – partial refund of fees
  • 7-14 days from event – cancellation with written notice: 25% – partial refund of fees
  • <7 days from event – cancellation with written notice: 0% – no refund available
  • *I reserve the right to maintain some flexibility (in your favour) based on circumstances presented



Cancellation policies for retreats can be found on each retreat sign up/registration page and supporting followup documentation. The reason for this is that every retreat is unique and has different overhead costs and requirements for deposits.

Please see individual retreat pages for specific cancellation policies.

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