Rediscovering the Powerful Jewels Within

~ A Red Rock Chakra Yoga Retreat ~ 

February 12-18th, 2017

If you are a heart-centered adventurer interested in exploring the gifts your Chakra Energy system has to offer you, while in connection with the wonders and elements of nature in beautiful, sacred Sedona, Arizona… then please join us this incredible journey!

Please note: Our retreat deadline is fast approaching.

To be sure you are able to save your seat please register before December 31st!

Breathing cool, clear air deep into your lungs, feeling a gentle breeze on your skin and the warmth of the sun shining on your face. You open your eyes and your breath stops for a moment as you are struck by the beauty of the surrounding desert mountains shifting with tones of gold, copper, red, and dusky rose.

The scents of earth, juniper and sage fill your nostrils and bring you back to this moment, back to the music of birdsong and the supporting orchestra of nature at her finest.

You feel grateful and more grounded than ever before. 

Why? Because you are in Sedona at the Red Rock Chakra Yoga Retreat ~ Rediscovering the Powerful Jewels Within. Deep in the heart of the Red Rocks of Arizona, this magical place invokes a sense of timelessness, peace and primordial connection to Nature and to Self. Every path leads to a new vista of unique desert vegetation nestled amongst ancient mountains and weathered canyons. Each path leads to a new place inside yourself, places of possibility and strength, deep wisdom and understanding.

This sounds really interesting! Tell me more… 

Over 6 delightful nights and 7 glorious days we will come together as a group of like-minded individuals on a common path of reconnection and celebration. Each day of this transformational retreat is specially planned to stimulate and balance the powerful energy of your chakra system through delicious cuisine, nurturing touch, yogic meditation, movement and hiking, and through the sights and sounds of nature and voices raised in unison.

Unfamiliar with what the Chakras are or how they apply to your life?

Perfect! Let’s explore them together!

Concerned about physical requirements for yoga or hiking?

It’s ok. We can always adjust our adventures to suit your needs.

This is a holiday for me, how much free time will I have?

If there is one thing I understand, it is that deep desire to simply rest back when I need to. There is plenty of free time built in for rest and relaxation, shopping or play.

So why should you join us?

What could be BETTER than combining the joys of travel and adventure with deeper self-study and heart-based connections?

While there is lots of free time built in to this retreat, there is no need to be alone unless you want to. As a residential retreat we will share many meals together and you will also have the freedom to explore how and where you wish at your own pace and timing.

Each day will build on the next so that by the end of the week you will have learned about the roles that each of your chakras plays in your life, discovering even more about your Self than you ever thought possible.

Our Rediscovering the Jewels Within Retreat is EXACTLY what you have been looking for to help you move forward with your dreams.

Plus, some of the best things about this retreat is that we will be exploring mystical Sedona and its gorgeous surroundings, sharing in nurturing activities, food, fun and laughing as new friends together.

This sounds lovely!

Tell me more...

Our Venue

Deep in the heart of the Red Rocks of Arizona, Sedona invokes a sense of timelessness, peace and primordial connection to nature. Every path leads to a new vista of unique vegetation nestled among ancient mountains and majestic canyons.

We’ll be spending six wonderful nights on the edge of meandering, spring-fed Oak Creek at the famous Briar Patch Inn, an award-winning number one rated bed and breakfast in the Sedona area. Surrounded by nature, this nine-acre retreat centre encourages the deep nurturing and connection that naturally comes with the healing elements of nature.

Settled beside the creek, at the foot of ancient red rock mountains and surrounded by canyon oaks, each cottage is tastefully and comfortably furnished with Native American crafts and southwestern charm. The cottages come with everything you might need from full kitchens to fireplaces and everything in between.

The caring staff at the Briar Patch Inn, also recognize the healing benefits of nurturing bodywork and have massage therapists and healers available on request to help make your stay even more luxurious. Please see the Briar Patch Inn website for more images, details or to book your massage during our retreat.



Breakfasts at the Briar Patch Inn

All of our breakfasts will be prepared with you in mind, by the caring staff at the Briar Patch Inn. They will be wholesome and nourishing and will respect your personal dietary needs or sensitivities. The Inn will also provide a light snack and beverage every afternoon as part of their commitment to ensure your stay is as enjoyable as possible.

Lunches & Dinners 

On the night of your arrival, I will have prepared a decadent, nourishing homemade meal for you to enjoy. This takes all the stress out of grocery shopping and preparing something after a long day of travel. During our week together, I will also provide a fun lunch off-site on one of our activity days and on our last evening together, it will also be my pleasure to take everyone out for a celebration dinner.

All of your other lunches and dinners will be on your own. The advantage of having cottages with full kitchens is so that if it calls to you, we can prepare and share meals together, deepening our connections through delicious healthy homemade cuisine, experiences and stories.

On the other hand, eating out in Sedona is always a lovely option. If you feel adventurous, you can head to the Cowboy Club for some Cactus Fries or Diamond Back Rattlesnake. They also have fantastic Duck, Elk and Bison and several great gluten-free and vegetarian options on the menu.

If you are looking for more traditional south-western cuisine, then Elote Cafe is a fabulous choice. Chef Jeff Smedstad runs a very popular dinner only venue that features “creative, out-of-the- box mexican-style” items like; Duck Flautas (Crispy rolled tacos filled with slow roasted duck) and Camerones en Chipotle (Grilled wild Shrimp with honey-lime roasted corn and a chipotle sauce). *Cautionary note here is that the Elote Cafe is only open for dinner Tuesday – Saturday evening and they do not take reservations, so make sure you get there early! 

A third venue that I always enjoy for lunch or dinner is the lively, Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen. They have won the “Best of Phoenix – GlutenFree Restaurant” prize the last two years running. I have found their meals to be both delicious and filling, with the absolute best (and super garlicky) Kale Ceasar salad that I have ever tasted. Often I find that sharing a pizza and salad with a friend at Picazzo’s is the best option unless you plan to take home the leftovers.


Sedona is awash with galleries, metaphysical shops, local artisans and intuitive crafts people. Whether you seek something locally crafted and unique or more traditional to remember your trip by, there is always something to be found for everyone.

Some of my favourite venues are found in the touristy, but very unique crafts village of Tlaquepaque where you can find the “Art and Soul” of Sedona. It is worth visit even just to walk around around on the cobblestones, through archways and under giant sycamore trees.

For something really different, I also recommend stopping by one of the last known true (and still active) trading posts. Tucked away just off the main road in downtown Sedona you will see the unimposing entrance to the Clear Creek Trading Company. As a trading post with several additions to the original building it surprisingly large and full to the brim, each crevice and corner offers new delights.

Here you can find almost anything related to local rocks, minerals, beads, jewelry, furs, and animal bones that include hooves and skulls. There are some really beautiful Native American hand crafted and antique pieces and some more obscure artifacts that fit right in at a trading post.

Top 7 Reasons Not To Miss This Trip!

Do you have the travel bug?
Are you interested in exploring, but feel more comfortable doing so with a group?sedona_psyberartist

I hear you!

This retreat will give you the freedom to explore, shop, hike, or just hang out on your own or with new friends. Join us for the comfort of having the main details taken care of; a roof over your head and a comfortable place to sleep, friends to share your experiences with and support for those times when you need a little extra.

I've got your back, in fact - we all do!

LivingBreathAre you longing for like-minded connections? Do you crave the company of those who understand you, who "get" who you are?

I understand and can offer you exactly that!

Not only will this retreat put you in contact with new like-minded friends who understand and support you, but through deep exploration of the Chakra Energy system and time to rest and reconnect internally, you'll be reunited with your own best friend... yourself!

Do you find yourself feeling disheartened by less fulfilling connections and relationships in your life?
Are craving something more than what you are experiencing in this moment?sedona-labyrinth

Well, let’s change that!

The nature and intimacy of our small group will give you comfort as we explore and discover together. Our time together this week will leave you feeling deeply connected to the wisdom and warmth of your inner Self and confident in your own ability to form and nurture authentic, fulfilling relationships with ease. All your relationships, especially the one with yourself, will naturally reflect your own inner radiance and love.

sedona-labyrinth2When was the last time you took time to take care of yourself, to really slow down and nurture your body, mind and spirit?

This is the perfect opportunity for just that. You have an option to commit to yourself right here and right now. Self-care is by no means selfish. We can not serve from an empty container.

After our week of enjoying nature, nurturing cuisine, nourishing bodywork and close connections you will find yourself feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed. Your body, mind and spirit will be in-sync and you will feel deeply nurtured and nourished, full of vitality, inspiration and conscious connection.

Feeling like something is missing and not quite sure where to find it?sedona-yogaI have learned that whenever I feel like this, it is time to slow down and look inside.

Working with the Chakra energy system will teach you how to access the resources you have been seeking, so that you can move forward in life with greater health, happiness and harmony.

I will provide you with tips, tricks and all sorts of different ways for you to embrace your ideal life without falling back into old patterns and habits, and of course to have compassion for yourself when you happen to stumble off that path, like we all do from time to time.

Would you love to be able to focus and know without guessing exactly what it is that you want or need?
Do you crave encouragement when committing to a choice and desire support for the courage required to hold on to it?cranio-sacral-therapy

Committing to healthy resources takes courage. I know this and I understand.

Through group and solo explorations and meditations during our week together, you will find yourself holding the keys to full body presence, knowing and feeling exactly what is right for you at any given time.

You will be able to move forward recognizing your personal health needs moment to moment and feeling strong enough to follow through with confidence, committing to healthy choices that will nurture you best each day.

This retreat will help you remember what it feels like to rest back and nurture yourself on every level. It will allow you to soak up whatever your system has been longing for, physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially... you name it, you got it. coffeewithfriends

We will do this primarily through our daily chakra inspired yoga and meditation, visualization and creative exploration.

There will also be free time every day for you to spend however you like; napping, hiking, shopping or receiving nurturing bodywork. We will share delicious meals, deep conversation, laughter and many many heart-warming moments.

What could be better than spending seven days together, taking care of ourselves in the company of friends, in such an amazing location?

This sounds fantastic!

Sign me up!




The Chakra Energy system is a concept used by many different modalities and disciplines. These energetic portals or vortices are often thought of as access points to life energy in the body. Working with the Chakras is found in healing work around the world including, but certainly not limited to; Reiki (Japanese Energy Healing), Ayurveda (Yogic Life Science), Chinese Acupuncture, and others.

Our retreat will focus on general theory of the Chakra Energy System and how its balance or imbalance can effect your life. Rediscovering the Powerful Jewels Within Retreat will give you an opportunity to learn about and experience each of these energy centres on a much deeper level.

We will study and explore one chakra for each day of our retreat. The itinerary listed below describes our days based on the Charka system, moving from the root of the body on our first day together, all the way up to the crown on our last day.

First Chakra

chakra-1Muladhara Chakra ("Moo-laah-daah-rah")

I am.
I am grounded. I am safe.

This chakra implies strongly rooted connections and the satisfaction of our survival needs. In fact, the translation of the Sanskrit word, Muladhara, means "root support". Where would we be without the support of our tribe, our roots? Sometimes this is family, sometimes it is a group of like-minded people to whom you feel a great connection. On this first day of our retreat, we will explore what it means to us as individuals and individuals within community. Where in your life do you feel supported? Where in your life would you enjoy a little more support?
Afternoon arrival at the Briar Patch Inn: Welcome! This is your time to check in and get settled, have a snack at the Lodge and explore the grounds.

I will be hosting you at the Ponderosa Cabin (our headquarters) for a delicious nurturing dinner that I have prepared using the freshest of ingredients and of lots of love.

Following dinner we will share time together as a group. This first evening is very special because this is when we set the intention for our time together, create our altar and welcome each other to the sacred circle.

We will continue the Evening Program with a little yoga practice and meditation to stretch out sore travel muscles, ground ourselves and bring us back into focus for the week ahead.

Second Chakra

chakra-2Svadhistana Chakra ("Ss-vaahd-eee-staah-naah")

I feel.
I am happy. I am creative.

Your second chakra is located at the area of your sacrum at the back of your pelvis or lower belly beneath the belly button. In Sanskrit, Svadhistana means "dwelling place of the Self" or "one's own abode". This is the sweet spot for dreams, desires and creativity. When you are deeply immersed in an activity that resonates with your true Self, you often find yourself in that "zone" or "sweet spot" where nothing else exists. Where in your life would you like to add a little sweetness?


We bring our second day with breakfast in the lodge. The Inn will have nurturing meals suited to our group (including any specific dietary requirements).

Morning Program begins in the Ponderosa Cabin. Here we will expand on Chakra Theory for the first and second chakras, enjoy a well balanced physical practice that includes pranayama or breathing exercise and meditation with visualization.

Your FREE TIME today includes being on your own for lunch and dinner. I will supply some basic maps and directions so you can feel free to get outside for some fresh air and explore Sedona. You also have the option to settle down for a nap or receive nurturing body work or do whatever it is that your heart is asking. We will close our day with time together in our sacred circle and round out our experience with another meditation and time for reflection.

Third Chakra

chakra-3Manipura Chakra ("Mah-knee-poo-rah")

I do.
I am connected to my emotions. I am confident.

Manipura in Sanskrit means "City of Jewels" or "Lustrous Gem". This chakra relates to your ability to step forward in your life, committing with confidence to your path. This area provides fire for the body and supplies you with energy, vitality and strength. Is there an area of your life where you feel smaller or less adequate? Where do you feel strong and full of confidence? What is it that you need to step forward in all areas of your life with a greater sense of power and strength?


This morning - depending on the weather - we have an optional Sunrise Meditation activity off site. How wonderful would it be to watch that sun rise from a lookout near the airport mesa?

Following the meditation, we come back to the lodge for our breakfast and then our morning session together at the cabin.

Today's explorations will include third chakra theory and activities. You will enjoy a well balanced physical yoga class designed specifically for the solar plexus chakra and your physical connection to the earth. Our breath work and meditations will also follow this theme.

Your FREE TIME today once again includes all afternoon and into the early evening. This is a great day to exploring the popular Bell Rock trails and vortex (image on the right).

Again, weather permitting I will also offer the option to experience a Sunset Meditation together off-site.

Fourth Chakra

chakra-4Anahata Chakra ("Ahh-naah-haa-taa")

I love.
I feel love. I am open to giving and receiving love.

The Heart Chakra, Anahata, means "Unstuck Sound" or "Deep Inner Listening" in Sanskrit. This chakra has a lot to do with balance and harmony in your body and mind. It is the mediator between the lower three (earthly-oriented) chakras and the upper three (spiritually-oriented) chakras. This is where we feel love and compassion for ourselves and for others. What language do you use when you speak to yourself and when you speak about yourself? Is it compassionate and kind or is it hurtful and derogatory? How would you like to change the way you treat yourself?


On our fourth day together, we begin as always with breakfast in the Lodge or at your own leisure in the cabins.

Our morning session today includes fourth chakra theory and practice. We will share a well balanced yoga sequence for the Heart Chakra, spend some time connecting internally with our breath and compassionate awareness in meditation.

Following this we have an optional trip off site to the Amitabha Buddhist Stupa. This is a fabulous place to experience prayerful thoughts and dedicate actions on behalf of others. I will share with you the basics of traditional Stupa worship and you will have the freedom to practice loving kindness meditation for as long as you wish.

Your entire afternoon and early evening again are free for you to enjoy at your leisure. This is a great opportunity to get outside for some fresh air, explore some of the unique shops and galleries, spend some time journalling, getting a pedicure or hanging out with your new friends over a cup of something warm.

We will convene again for an evening session after dinner. This is our time together to reaffirm the day's insights, process any new information and share in the circle if it calls to you. We will end our evening with some breath work and meditation.

Fifth Chakra

chakra-5Vishuddhi Chakra ("Vih-shoe-dhee")

I speak.
I trust my inner voice. I express myself freely.

This chakra is connected to self-expression and the language we use. Vishuddhi in Sanskrit means "Purification" or "Extremely Pure". it refers to the subtle obstructions that get in the way of us being able to understand our feelings and dreams and express those deeper truths. How easy is it for you to share your truth? Are you able to express your inner most thoughts and feelings, and can you do this with kindness as well as honesty?


We begin our morning with breakfast in the lodge or at your cabin, then move into our morning session that includes fifth chakra theory and practice.

Today's practice includes more chanting and vocalization designed at helping you express yourself with more grace and ease than ever before.

Today is also our group hiking day, where we have the opportunity to explore some of Sedona's less common sights and sounds. I have contracted the services of a local Native American guide to help us travel even deeper on our journey with the help of the melodic sounds from his hand-crafted bamboo flutes.

I have also arranged for a special luncheon during our outing that will once again bring our group together in communion.

You will have FREE TIME for the rest of the afternoon and we will meet again together at the end of the day to share in the circle our experiences and insights.

Sixth Chakra


Ajna Chakra ("Aahd-ja-naah")

I see.
My mind, body and spirit are connected.

The Brow Centre is an area that often receives a lot of attention. This sixth chakra is connected to your intuition and wisdom, to the beginning of the understanding that you are not alone. Ajna in Sanskrit means "Beyond Wisdom" and our instinctual activities related to the "third eye" correspond. How willing are you to see the truth behind a given situation? Perception is everything - how wide is your lens and does that change with the natural fluctuations of your internal connection to body, mind and spirit?


Our last full day together begins with breakfast in the lodge or on your own in the cabins. 

We begin our Morning Session with sixth chakra theory and practice. Today we will spend more with breath work, visualization and meditation to stimulate the brow centre. You will have time to journal or draw your experiences afterwards. 

Your FREE TIME today includes lunch on your own and an opportunity to explore any other remaining areas that call to you. I highly recommend checking out some of the art galleries and metaphysical shops for minerals, crystals and other delights. 

It is my pleasure to host you this evening for a delicious dinner out on the town where we will be able to celebrate our accomplishments of the week with food, fun, joy and laughter. 

Our evening session today will be more introspective and will include breathing practices and meditations to stimulate your inner wisdom for even great insight. We will close out our evening with silence to honour the sacred nature of the work and our final day together.

Seventh Chakra

chakra-7Sahasrara Chakra ("Sah-Hass-rah-rah")

I understand.
I am connected to spirit.

The Sanskrit translation for Sahasrara is "thousand-petaled" which implies a vast significance of this chakra. This is where you begin to feel that you are completely supported by your source, that you have a connection to the Divine that works for you and that this connection helps you to trust more than ever before. Is there anywhere in your life where you feel alone or unsupported? What does trust look like or feel like to you? How do you know when you are connected to something greater than yourself?


We begin this day with silence to honour the sacred nature of our final chakra, our last morning and the deeply transformational insights of our time together. 

Our Morning Session will include seventh chakra theory and practice, breathing exercises and meditation on the theme of reunion with the Divine.

We will break our silence with the sound of voices raised in unison, opportunity to share once more in the sacred circle and our final closing ceremony. 

When our retreat ends at noon on this final day, you will feel grounded, full, refreshed and ready to take charge of your life

YES! This trip is totally for me!

Tell me more!

What’s Included

  • Quaint cottage-style accommodations in a variety of single or double occupancy rooms at the Briar Patch Inn. (And yes, everybody gets a bed to themselves – unless you specifically ask to share with family member or good friend!)
  • Six delicious breakfasts at the Inn
  • Six fabulous afternoon snacks again provided by the Inn
  • One special nourishing lunch off site during the week
  • One decadent nurturing dinner made by Heather on the night of your arrival
  • One farewell dinner out on the town during our final evening together
  • Shared transportation for specific group activities (group hiking, etc)
  • Local guide services for our group hiking adventure
  • Retreat orientation package that includes chakra descriptions and tips for stimulating and balancing each one in turn
  • Seven specially crafted chakra yoga class sequences for you to take home
  • Seven chakra yoga, pranayama (breath work) & meditation sessions with Heather throughout the week
  • Special surprise gift :)
  • *Note: Heather is a US Yoga Alliance CEU Provider. If you are a yoga instructor you can receive CEU’s for your time at this retreat. 

What’s NOT Included

  • Your round trip airfare from home
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance
  • Ground Transportation between your airport of choice (Sedona Regional or Phoenix International) and the Briar Patch Inn (There is a shuttle from the Phoenix International airport that you can book for a reasonable rate and a taxi service from within Sedona.)
  • 4 Dinners & 5 Lunches will be on your own, either at the Briar Patch Inn or in one for the fabulous restaurants in town
  • Massage services or other activities outside of the retreat program must be booked and paid for separately

Flight Information

SEZ: Sedona Regional Airport (within Sedona City Limits)

  • Ground transportation to Briar Patch Inn by taxi or shared ride is approximately 10-15 mins.
  • Bob’s Taxi Service has great reviews. Call them at: (928) 282-1234

PHX: Phoenix Sky Harbour International (2hrs from Sedona)

  • Ground transportation to the Sedona area from Phoenix is approximately 2-2.5hrs.
  • Your 3 options include:
    • 1. Rent a vehicle
    • 2. Ride share with another retreat guest
    • 3. Book a shared ride shuttle to the City of Sedona. (Several options here though I have found Arizona Shuttle to be quite nice.) This will take you to a hotel in the area where you can take a taxi to the Bed & Breakfast.

Directions to Briar Patch Inn on Oak Creek (from Phoenix, AZ)

  • From Phoenix it takes approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours driving to reach the Briar Patch Inn, depending on driving conditions.
  • You will need to take I-17 North.
  • About 1 1/2 hours North of Phoenix, on I-17, you will drive down a long steep grade.
  • Once at the very bottom you will be approaching the exit for Cottonwood, which is exit 287.
  • Take that exit and then turn left onto Highway 260, which in 12 miles brings you into Cottonwood.
  • At the end of Hwy 260, turn right onto State Route/Highway 89A, which in 20 miles brings you into Sedona. Stay on 89A all the way through town and keep going.
  • You will pass through Uptown Sedona and enter into Oak Creek Canyon toward Flagstaff on 89A, where we are three miles up on the right.
  • Enter our driveway and at the bottom of the pavement turn right and follow the signs to the office to check in!

Briar Patch Inn Bed & Breakfast (3miles north of Sedona)

  • 3 miles north of Sedona, off Highway 89A, in Oak Creek Canyon
  • 3190 N. Hwy 89A, Sedona, Arizona 86336
  • 1-888-809-3030 or (928) 282-2342

Sedona? Yoga? Retreat? Heck ya!

I'm ready to travel!

Your Hostess

Heather Thomas

If there is one thing I LOVE, it is helping people transform their lives! My heart is happiest when I am facilitating healthy change for people either in my home office, in the yoga studio, at workshops and of course, during retreats. It has always been a life-long dream for me to combine my love of teaching and sharing together with travel. It is a dream come true to facilitate health, healing and harmony for myself and others as we explore with common interests.

My most pivotal moment came in June 2006, when chronically ill and in pain with an autoimmune condition, I attended my first yoga class. It felt like a miracle when for the first time in ten months the headaches went away and I could feel hope for a better, less painfull and more enjoyable life. Since then I have followed this path of health and healing, learning new concepts and moving forward with what feels best day to day. Over the last ten years, I have become an icon in my community offering my skills as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT), Reiki Master, and Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) with a specialty in CranioSacral Therapy.

I live to serve my clients to the best of my ability moment to moment. I feel deeply about what I do and what works for me and share this with authenticity and passion. I use my primary tools of my hands and heart, a deep tangible presence, humour and non-judgmental understanding. My practical and down to earth approach is accessible for everyone and my clients share that time spent with me is always as enjoyable as it is fulfilling.

I am is excited to offer one of my trademark classes, the 7 Day Chakra Journey - Rediscovering the Powerful Jewels Within in retreat format. The magic and beauty of Sedona, Arizona is the perfect place to launch this transformative work in a residential retreat format and I do so with arms wide open, welcoming you to join me on this fantastic adventure!

“I have known Heather since I began my yoga journey almost five years ago. Her support and encouragement has been invaluable and her enthusiasm for life is both immense and contagious. Heather’s home studio is a haven and her instruction and practice embodies the principle of nurturing and balancing the mind, body and spirit.” ~ Anne C.

“I just want to say thank you again, it was an awesome night. I so enjoy the freedom you display and the genuine acceptance you have for everybody in the room. I can’t believe our session went by so quickly.” ~ Lisa A.

Are you ready?

Yes, count me in!

Contact Us…

Please send your message to Heather here.

I will be happy to get back to you within 24hrs. If for some reason you don’t hear from me, please send me a message directly through Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Love and Light, Heather.


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