Guided Meditations – Package of 4


A Combination Package of 4 of Heather’s Most Popular Guided Mediations:

1. Pranic Breath Renewal (8:37)

2. Resting in the Woods (18:43)

3. Ground and Fill (31:56)

4. Yoga Nidra (25:21)


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A Combination Package Heather’s 4 Most Popular Guided Meditations:

1. Pranic Breath Renewal (8:47)

2. Resting in the Woods (18:43)

3. Ground and Fill (31:56)

4. Yoga Nidra (25:21)


Meditation Descriptions

1. Pranic Breath Renewal: Soften into a gentle guided meditation that will help relax and renew your system. Pranic Energy is the vital life force that exists in and around us all the time. This meditation will help you visualize bringing that energy into your body, cleansing you of tension and fatigue and revitalizing your entire system.

2. Resting in the Woods: In this delightful guided visualization, the listener is encouraged to imagine going for a walk in nature. The recording gives opportunity to cultivate deep respect and gratitude for the natural elements of earth, air and sky, meadow and forest. The listener is further guided to pause and connect with an ancient “grandmother tree”, encouraged to release all cares, worries and fears to the earth for transformation. The result of this deeply connective meditation is a sense of peace, tranquility and ever increasing clarity.

3. Ground and Fill: In this 31:56 minute meditation you will be guided to become aware of the earth beneath your feet and use the earth’s strength to rebuild your own. The meditation encourages a deepening of this connection by bringing in an awareness of the qualities of the earth and any sensations related to those qualities. Once the listener feels comfortably connected to the unconditional resource of the earth, the meditation delves into a guided body scan where the listener is encouraged to engage curiosity and love as they explore sensations in the body. The meditation involves using the earth’s energy as an unconditional and unlimited loving resource to help fill and nurture the body. This meditation also involves bringing awareness to areas of the body where there might be more or less connection, helping to address any tension, pain or emotions held in those places. This meditation will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and reconnected with yourself and the earth beneath you! (This is by far one of my favourite meditations!)

4. Yoga Nidra:  Also known as Yogic Sleep is a type of meditation that involves several different components, that when placed together bring the listener into a place of deep and profound relaxation. Traditionally the Yoga Nidra involves techniques to withdraw the senses and usually incorporates a rotating body scan, bringing awareness to the sensations in body and a creative visualization process that often includes a comparison of opposites.  Yoga Nidra is a technique proven to assist in the recovery of anxiety, trauma and PTSD issues. By bringing awareness to the body in a gentle and soothing way, we can begin to address some of the “issues” stuck in body tissues. This type of meditation is also especially helpful for anyone suffering from stress-related or chronic conditions including insomnia as 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to at least 2 hours of restful sleep.

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