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Q: Why H3?

A: There are only 3 things in life that make life worth living. The first is HEALTH. The second is HAPPINESS and the third – you guessed it – is HARMONY. If you don’t have your health then it is extremely challenging to find happiness, and harmony isn’t even in the picture. If you have health then happiness follows with a positive state of mind and harmony is created naturally through the union of both health and happiness with your internal and external environments. H3 – it only makes sense!


Q: Why did Heather decided to create these Programs?

A: Heather is often approached by people who feel frustrated, hopeless and depressed about the patterns in their lives. She finds that she is regularly asked for advice on how to live a healthier, more fulfilled and meaningful life. There is a great need in our society to move away from external satisfaction and instead focus on the internal gifts that each one of us has to offer. Generally, growing up we were not taught how to connect inwardly or how to honour ourselves in the way that each of us craves. Without internal connection and introspection we are bound to remain on the proverbial hamster wheel in an ever-increasing battle, pushing harder and harder for external approval, rewards and satisfaction that never materializes.


Q: How do the programs work? Why do I need to APPLY to for a Strategy Session?

A: Heather prefers to dedicate herself 100% to every client and as such there are a limited number of program spots available. Heather only accepts a few new clients each month and requires that each person complete an APPLICATION for a STRATEGY SESSION (see bottom of section for the link). In this way we are able to determine whether we can help you achieve your goals and ensure that you and Heather will be able to work successfully together.

The application and strategy session process helps to ensure that you receive EXACTLY what you need as our programs are tailored to suit your specific needs as an individual. If you are action-oriented and motivated to move forward with Health, Happiness and Harmony in your life then Heather would LOVE to work with you.

Feeling lost? Find out HOW TO MOVE FORWARD with Health, Happiness and life Harmony – Request a STRATEGY SESSION with Heather today!

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H3 Programs & Wellness Services – For a Healthy, Happy and Harmonious Life!


1. Release, Renew & Revitalize – Energetic Healing (Distance)

Work directly with Heather and receive one-on-one energetic healing and wellness services. This is your hour to receive whatever you need to help you move forward with Health, Happiness and Life Harmony in the best way possible.

As you work together, Heather is able to connect energetically with your system and help you with the process of release, renewal and revitalization. Sessions often involve guided meditative practice and noticing sensations in the body that lead to deeper understanding. Every session will end with inspired wisdom to help you with your goals. These distance sessions will leave you feeling clear, relaxed, reconnected and inspired.

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2. Release, Renew & Revitalize – Energetic Healing (In Person)


3. CranioSacral Therapy – Energetic Healing Distance – 60mins

See description above or here.

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4. CranioSacral Therapy – Energetic Healing (In Person) – 60mins

See description above or here.

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5. Work Privately One-on-One with Heather

Each month there are one or two spots available to work privately with Heather. She is very selective about who she works with and wants to make sure that you are action-oriented and results-focused. If you are ready to say YES to your life, to moving forward in Health, Happiness and Harmony, then please fill out the application form below for your Free Strategy Session. Heather will then review your application to see whether or not she can help you to realize your goals and dreams for a Healthier, Happier and more Harmonious Life.

Note: To honour Heather’s time and commitment to helping you move forward, all strategy sessions require a “reserve my space” payment of $50.00. There is a link in the request form for this purpose.

4. Meditate with Me! MasterMind & Mentoring Program

(Program is currently inactive. If you are interested in joining our next group please let us know!)

Want to start meditating, but aren’t sure how? Having trouble maintaining a regular practice? Familiar techniques don’t seem to have the same pizazz and you are looking for new inspiration? If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then this program is for you!

The Meditate with Me! Mastermind & Mentoring Program is a program designed to meet the needs of new and experienced meditators alike by helping to develop a habitual meditation practice through weekly engagement in an online community. Join Heather Thomas and a virtual community of like-minded meditators each week for a mentorship discussion and group meditation followed by an “ask the expert” question and answer period. You will receive access to various meditation tips, tricks and tools including several pre-recorded guided practices. This online support group is great for creating a new personal practice and helps to provide ongoing motivation to re-ignite existing practices.

With this 3-month subscription-style program you will receive access to:

  • 12 weeks of online mastermind group calls (each 60 minute call includes a mentorship-style discussion, a live guided group meditation and a Q&A session with Heather)
  • All previously recorded Meditate with Me! Mastermind calls are uploaded for your listening pleasure
  • Weekly tips, tricks and tools handouts specific to various meditation techniques and practices available for download
  • Several guided meditation recordings for your personal listening pleasure
  • Opportunity every week to ask Heather for advice or personal mentorship regarding your practice
  • Support of Heather and your peers through online discussions in a dedicated FaceBook Group
  • Regular inspirational updates posted by Heather in the Facebook Group to keep you motivated
  • Comfort that you are not alone and that there are other people joining you on this journey

If you are action-oriented and motivated to move forward with Health, Happiness and Harmony in your life then Heather would love to work with you. *NOTE that this Mastermind program requires a 3 month commitment and prior approval to work with Heather. Please complete the application for a Strategy Session with Heather to determine if you are a good fit for this or any of our other programs.

Feeling lost? Find out HOW TO MOVE FORWARD with Health, Happiness and life Harmony – Request a STRATEGY SESSION with Heather today!

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