Grounding & Healthy Boundaries (4 Day Class)

Full Body Presence – Grounding & Healthy Boundaries (4 Day Class)

Spruce Grove, Alberta   ~   March 30 – April 2, 2017


This 4 day course teaches the process of allowing the deep wisdom of the body to inform and help us navigate in our living, working, healing and relating in the world.

“The more fully you inhabit all aspects of yourself, the more capable you are of listening to that quiet voice within.” ~ Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, CMT, CST-D

**This is the ONLY Canadian location for this class in 2017!**

If you want to save money and avoid travel to the US, then this is a fantastic opportunity.

**EARLY BIRD RATE extended until February 28th! Register now and save $250!**

In today’s world we all need full access to our inner and outer resources in order to survive and thrive with the daily demands being presented to us.


  • Tired of feeling scattered and pulled in many directions?
  • Want your presence to work for you, not against you?
  • Interested in mindful awareness?
  • Love feeling grounded?
  • Like keeping your energy tank full?
  • Want to experience more resilience under stress?
  • Need full access to your creativity and joy?

I would love to feel more vitality and joy!

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Your Four Days with Full Body Presence will help you:

Hold Strong Therapeutic Presence
  • Learn how to hold a strong therapeutic presence that maximizes treatment outcomes, prevents burnout and helps you enjoy your work more.
Assess and Improve Energy Levels
  • Discover how to assess your energy reservoir throughout the day to combat exhaustion.
Embody the Five Principles
  • Explore the Five Principles, and why they’re vital to your daily practice, no matter which career sector or modality you work with.



Reconnect for Rejuvenation
  • Reconnect to natural energy habits to rejuvenate yourself and stay energetically full.
Maintain Healthy Boundaries
  • Find out how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries at work and at home.
Increase Healing and Vitality
  • Integrate internally inspired movement to heal the nervous systemimprove concentration levels and replenish yourself.
Integrate Soothing Breathing Techniques
  • Practice simple patterns of breathing that can calm the nervous system to reduce the chronic “fight or flight” response in you, your family and your clients.
Maintain a Strong, Safe Presence
  • Take away step-by-step protocols for holding a strong therapeutic presence for yourself and others, using touch an also without touching.
Receive Materials for Reference
  • PLUS, You’ll take home a comprehensive study guide for future reference.

Come spend four days and return to your life, professionally & personally, with practical skills to:


 Understand the dynamics of your own energy patterns.
• Nourish and rejuvenate in healthy, life-giving ways. 
• Remain fully grounded and present, even under stress.
• Create healthy boundaries that enhance your connection to the world, while avoiding burnout.
• PLUS if you’re a therapist, earn 24 contact hours for CEUs!. 

*Note that you can still sign up for Core-Pak options for future classes in the HFC curriculum up to and until the last day of our time together.

*Payment plans available. Please email or phone for more info.

*Are you a returning student? Want to retake the class for free? Easy! Get 2 friends to sign up through this site (Canadian Funds).

Class Details:

Class Hours & Dates

March 30th – April 2, 2017

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day; Please arrive early to check-in the first day.



Parkland Village Community Centre (Spruce Grove, Alberta)
53222 Range Road 272 #60, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3N5
*You will receive detailed directions from your sponsor after you sign up for the class. 



Please read Full Body Presence by Suzanne Scurlock-Durana and listen to the audio explorations.
Heather carries copies of Suzanne’s book in her home office. If you are from Fort McMurray please contact her directly @ 780-972-9447.


CEUs available (24 contact hours)

Massage Therapists: NCBTMB Approved Provider
Contact IAHE (International Alliance of Healthcare Educators) for your specific license requirements. 800-311-9204

This class also qualifies for CEUs with NHPC (Natural Health Practitioners of Canada) and meets the requirements for Ethics credits, otherwise please check specifically with your organization.


Registration Options

  1. Note that payment plans are available both through Heather in Canadian Funds and through IAHE in the US. Please let us know if this is something you would like to do. 
  2. If you are repeating the class you are entitled to a tuition rate of 50% off full price. If this applies to you, please let us know. 
  3. If you are a previous graduate of this class you are entitled to RETAKE it for free if you have 2 friends sign up with you (through this site and via Canadian Funds only). 

Canadian Funds: $645+gst until January 30th (then $775+gst until February 28th and $895+gst thereafter) 
Early bird rate has been extended! $645+gst until February 28th. ($895+gst thereafter)


US Funds: $519.75 USD until January 28th (then $729.75 therafter) 
Early bird rate has been extended! $519.75 USD until February 28th ($729.75 USD therafter)

  • To pay using US funds – Contact The International Alliance of Healthcare Educators (IAHE) at
    800-311-9204 or register online 



Save $795 and pay only $100/month! Use the Tier One Core-Pak. (This option is only available through IAHE).


Cancellation Policy

While we do our best to accommodate changes for our students, a $50 cancellation or transfer fee may apply. Please contact the local sponsor directly for their specific cancellation policy.


Accommodations are the responsibility of each participant. Listed below are some options in and around Spruce Grove. (Our meeting site is about a 3min drive North of Spruce Grove town centre and is located just outside of town in a community hall at a mobile home park). Carpooling might also be an option, so please let us know if this is something that interests you.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites (closest hotel)
Address: 201 Jennifer Heil Way, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 0T3
Phone: (780) 571-1101

Address: 20 Westgrove Dr, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3X3
Phone: (780) 962-6050

Best Western Sunrise Inn & Suites (about 15 mins away)
Address: 3101 43 Ave, Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1L1
Phone: (780) 968-1716

Several options in West Edmonton (20min drive) and around Spruce Grove



There are a number of restaurants and grocery stores in and around Spruce Grove. Safeway and SaveOnFoods carry lots of take away items that are suitable for those that have dietary restrictions. Our venue has a fridge and kitchen for your use.

Usually we break for 60-75mins for lunch which is lots of time to go out and grab something to bring back to class. You are also welcome to bring your lunch with you and eat in the meeting hall.

*Note that you can still sign up for Cor-Pak options for future classes in the HFC curriculum during the class.

*Payment plans available. Please email or phone for more info.

*Are you a returning student? Want to retake the class for free? Easy! Get 2 friends to sign up through this site (Canadian Funds).

Lori Chinitz, PT

Instructor: Lori Chinitz, PT (Long Island, NY)

Lori is a Healing From the Core Certified Instructor, and a physical therapist with over 25 years of experience. Lori’s strengths as an instructor flow out of her capacity to witness and support each person’s unique journey. Her gentle, down to earth style of humor has often been a key in unlocking deeper doorways to healing. One of Lori’s gifts is to create a space of safety and connection that allows everyone to feel recognized and heard. Lori combines her keen understanding of body, mind and energy dynamics to assist each person in their healing process.

When she is not teaching, Lori maintains a private practice in Syosset, New York and is the director/owner of A Step Ahead Therapy Services, a multidisciplinary Early Intervention Agency. In her practice she uses CranioSacral therapy, Visceral Manipulation, TAMO movement strategy, as well as various other manual therapies. In addition, she is certified in Neurodevelopmental Therapy for pediatrics. She has worked with infants, children and adults in a variety of therapeutic settings.
Email Lori or visit her IAHP profile.

It was as though Lori spoke directly to my inner critic. She got me in touch with parts of myself I have never been able to bring to conscious awareness before.

Lori’s quiet, powerful presence created a sense of safety that allowed me to explore and heal memories I could not touch before today.

Sponsor: Heather Thomas, RMT, ERYT (Fort McMurray, AB)

Heather Thomas is a successful Mentor, Guide and Facilitator of Health and Healing. Having found personal health through her heart’s purpose, Heather works on walking her talk everyday. Heather is happy be part of the Healing from the Core team as a Presenter.

She has been teaching Yoga, Meditation and Energy Healing since 2007 and practicing Massage and CranioSacral Therapy since 2010. In 2011 everything changed when she took her first Healing from the Core class (Full Body Presence: Grounding & Healthy Boundaries).

Heather found that Suzanne’s work with presence in the body was the missing puzzle piece that helped connect everything together. Holding therapeutic presence for others, learning and sharing are some of the things that Heather does best. Heather has recently stepped into hosting transformational workshops and retreats and is currently planning some great adventures. She is passionate about what works for her and in sharing this wisdom hopes to inspire you on your own personal journey to Health, Happiness and Life Harmony. Email Heather, call 780-972-9447 or visit

I would love to feel more vitality and joy!

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