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Heather offers a variety of Classes, Workshops and Events, all which are focused on helping you increase your personal health, happiness and harmonious life connections. If you don’t see a presentation or workshop listed here, contact Heather and she will be happy to tailor an event to suit the specific needs of your group.

Upcoming Events Calendar

All of Heather’s public events are listed on her calendar. Please check them out here.

Yoga Classes

Physical yoga asana class is like an active full body massage. A good class is a fully balanced practice that includes physical posture, relaxation and a meditation or intention. Yoga is accessible to all people, all shapes, all sizes and all abilities. Yoga is infinitely adaptable for the individual and has innumerable physical, mental, emotion and spiritual health benefits. Yoga is the Sanskrit word “to join” or “unite”. What aspects of your life would you like to be more connected to?

I have been teaching yoga classes, workshops and Teacher Trainings since January 2007. I know that I am always a better version of myself when I practice and I encourage you to try it out and see if it works of you too.

 Heather’s Regular Yoga Public Class Schedule:

(Address: RiverPointe Shops – 36 Riedel Street, Downtown – 780-743-0566 –

  • Wednesdays @ 5:30-6:45pm (Beginner Foundation Yoga)
    • Style: Regular/Warm Room Temperature – BEGINNER Balanced Hatha Yoga for all levels.
    • Join me for a fun, accessible class suitable for all levels of students. Designed to reaffirm the basics with a flair.

 Heather’s Regular Semi-Private Class Schedule:

  • Wednesdays @ 7:30-9:00pm (All Levels Yoga)
    • Style: Semi-Private Balanced Hatha Yoga for all levels. Group size is 6 or less.
    • Join me for a fun, accessible class suitable for all levels of students. Designed to reaffirm the basics with a flair.
    • This class is 90mins and and includes a longer meditation, breath work, individual attention and hands on for everybody.
    • Classes run once a week for four weeks. Payments are taken in full prior to the first class.
    • Contact Heather about upcoming class schedules.
    • View our cancellation policies here.
  • Your choice – Private Classes
    • Do you have a small group for which you would like Heather to create and teach a class?
    • Style: Just about anything from Restorative to Yin, Beginner Hatha to Advanced Flow. Heather is happy to teach classes for all levels.
    • Group size: Group size in the home studio is 6 people or less. Group size for classes at a venue of your choice is only limited by the size of the venue.
    • Contact Heather for more information
    • View our cancellation policies here.

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