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Taking this first step is always the most challenging.

Thank you and welcome. It always an honour when someone requests an appointment with me. I take great pleasure in being of service to you, to design or personalize a session with you in mind is part of my promise to you and our work together in bringing about healthy, happy and harmonious life connections.

To book an appointment with me:

  1. Please view my public calendar, choose your desired appointment time. If you don’t see a time that fits for you, please message me personally as sometimes adjustments can be made.
  2. After you have your preferred appointment time in mind, please send me a message here with your request. You can also contact me on Facebook or through phone at (seven-eight-zero) 972-9447.
  3. If you are a new client then please also fill out the form below.
  4. What happens if you need to cancel the appointment? View our Terms & Conditions here.


Are you a new client? Please remember to fill in this intake form:
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